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  Product Properties
Activated Carbons - Coconut Shell

World Wide insistence on this product for a multitude of uses, particularly air/gas treatment and Purification, Precious Metal Recovery, and Catalysis, is attributable to one or more combinations of the following:

  • Extensive surface area pores of 5 to 10 A 0 radius, which provides unmatchable adsorption and retentive capabilities for gases and low molecular weight.
  • Intrinsic Hardness of the natural grains often superior to even more expensive extruded types, assuring sustained bed volumes / Carbon inventories in circuit, and hence, efficiency levels, despite successive back washes / steaming / high temp. Reactivation and rigorous of handling or hydraulic transport of carbon.
  • High density - if mass transfer zone / pressure drop parameters are met, this property facilitates very substantial economies in filter size for the same efficiencies alternative Carbons provide.
  • Low Ash Content - contributing to high purity even without treatment.

Various Phases of Activated Carbon

These exclusive properties are, however, not only a function of the raw material type, but more so of its origin, its quality and the diligence with which the processes which convert it to the required class of Activated Carbon, are managed; a process which defies total automation and is often too costly for human control.

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