Our Company

Core Carbons

Started Operations in the year 1999 manufacturing Steam activated coconut shell carbon

We are Located

In the deep southern part of India, in midst of thick coconut cultivation zone


We are well connected to the major Sea Port Tuticorin - almost 300 kms and Airport Coimbatore - almost 40 kms

Corporate Office

In Coimbatore City


at Palladam - 40 kms from Coimbatore city

The Factory

is located in a span of 34.42 Acres (13.9 Hectare) with build up area of 2,48,320 sq.ft


To make the world a better place by providing the best and tailor-made coconut shell based Activated Carbon. To create a better environment by applying Activated Carbon.


In pursuit of sustaining best in class client servicing capabilities CCPL is committed to manufacture quality assured steam activated coconut shell carbon products in compliance with and in adherence to the integrated management system.

Production Capacity

Largest Manufacturer

Largest Manufacturer

Exporter of Steam activated Coconut shell Carbon from India


30000 TPA

Activation Capacity

Activation Capacity is 30000 TPA of medium CTC (55%).


6000 TPA

Value Added Plant

Washing plant capacity is 6000 TPA


1200 TPA

Value Added Plant

Impregnation plant capacity is 1200 TPA


1200 TPA

Value Added Plant

PAC - Powdered Activated Carbon plant capacity is 1200 TPA


600 TPA

Value Added Plant

Catalytic Activated Carbon plant capacity is 600 TPA

Our Products

Our Applications


Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes.

Air & Gases

Activated carbons are used in a wide range of air treatment applications. In these applications where air is the main carrier gas from which impurities need to be removed.

Mining / Gold Recovery

The best known application for activated carbons in the mining sector is for the extraction and recovery of gold (Au), although it is also used for some other precious metals.

Refine Industry

Petroleum refineries and petrochemical processing, which are notorious for their oily and bio recalcitrant wastewater, are not exempted from this age-old class of adsorbents.

Food & Beverages

Coconut shell based activated carbon is used in the food and beverage industry to remove impurities, such as colour, taste, and odour, from food and drink. It is also used as a catalyst in food processing and as a carrier for flavours and fragrances.

Pharmaceutical / Medical

Activated carbon is capable of producing large number of organic products chiefly used in biotechnology industries. As a medicine it is used to treat metal poisoning and drug overdose followed by oral ingestion.

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