Human Resources


Core Carbon employees its Personnel Department in playing a wide role, extending to the contemporary necessities and facilitates, for the prosperous long satisfied innings of each employee with CCPL


Core Carbons Considers its Employees as its life blood. So, finding and attracting the best candidates is key for Team Building. A professional Team handled by experienced Personnel officer, ensures the right candidate for the right job is positioned, and the employee gets the best remuneration as per market rate.


Core carbons considers training and development of its employees as investment. The HR Training Schedule begins with the prefatory, followed by a training plan, and complemented with Performance Management System and refreshment trainings.

The trainings are not limited to Technical Competency, but adds safety, personality development and environment.


Core Carbons Secures its assets, properties, life and data.

The company has engaged the best Security Agency for securing its periphery and properties.

A dedicated ICT team ensures uninterrupted networking and shields loss of data.

Safety Officer ensures the health and safety of the employees and properties inside the campus. An anytime operable Fire Hydrant System is laid across the Raw Materials handling yard. Fire extinguishers and fire buckets are placed in sufficient quantities and available for anytime usage. OHC is ready for any emergency with one bed facility. Hospital service and ambulance are available at all times.

A safe working culture is imbibed into the souls of every employee, that reflect in their personal life.

We Provide

A healthy employee can assure a consistent growth. Core Carbons runs its own subsidised canteen and provides the best and unlimited food for the employees and all interested parties. Tea, lime juice and Butter milk are provided near to the workplace. Experienced cooks provide food at right time and quantity.

A clean and ambient working place is provided. Gardeners and housekeepers help to keep the campus and environment clean and dust free. Facility manpower make sure any wastage or spillage is collected and disposed at the designated places. Latest technologies are employed to make the air breath free.

Core carbons provides retiring room for its outstation employees and project workers. The rooms are cleaned at proper intervals with dedicated housekeeping team.




It's one of the backbone of our growth.


Training given to all employees in the area


Technical Competency


Personality Development


Safety aspects

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