Pharmaceutical & Medical

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Activated carbon is capable of producing large number of organic products chiefly used in biotechnology industries. As a medicine it is used to treat metal poisoning and drug overdose followed by oral ingestion. Activated carbon by oral ingestion in form of tablet or capsule can help resolve gastrointestinal problems of flatulence. It is a good compound for decaffeination process in medicine or industrial coffee production. It is used to treat a number of oral poisonings including effect of strong acids, metal poisoning and organic compounds like ethanol, alkaloids and pesticides.

Activated carbon is antidote prepared in combination with starch and other binders. However, activated carbon is considered carcinogenic if inhaled through respiratory tract as it interferes in pulmonary circulation of air in lungs and oxygen in blood. Activated carbon is widely used in making air filters and also used as a component of medicine in pharmaceutical industries.

Activated Carbon for Dialysis application meets 3 essential criteria: semi permeable membrane is not affected by the minimal release of soluble ions, meet the optimum Iodine number that helps maintain low monochloramine levels in the water used to produce dialysate, and achieve near neutral pH levels.


Core Carbon's Pvt. Ltd,. provides best in class of “Core-GAPM” product series of Activated Carbon, which is suitable for pharmaceutical & medical industries.

“Core-GAPM” product series of Coconut shell based Activated Carbon are used in various application, such as

  • To treat Infection of skin
  • In Deodorants
  • Skin care / cosmetics and personal care
  • Oral health & whiting of teeth
  • Flatulence Treatment
  • Kidney dialysis & Hemo-dialysis
  • Antibiotics
  • Purifying haematic fluids
List of Products
S.NoProduct NameMesh SizeCTC/IV RangeTreatment
1Core-GAPM 12x3012x3050 - 100Base
2Core-GAPMplus 12x3012x3050 - 60AW
3Core-GAPM 12x4012x4050 - 60Base
4Core-GAPMplus 12x4012x4050 - 60AW
5Core-GAPM 14x3014x3080 - 90Base
6Core-GAPM 18x4018x4050 - 60Base
7Core-GAPMplus 18x4018x4050 - 60AW
8Core-GAPM 20x4020x4050 - 60Base
9Core-GAPMplus 20x4020x4050 - 60AW
10Core-GAPM 20x5020x5050 - 100Base
11Core-GAPMplus 20x5020x5050 - 60AW
12Core-GAPM 30x6030x6050 - 100Base
13Core-GAPMplus 30x6030x6050-60AW
14Core-GAPM 30x7030x7050 - 100Base
15Core-GAPMplus 30x7030x7050-60AW
16Core-GAPM 35x7035x7050 - 60Base
17Core-GAPMplus 35x7035x7050 - 60AW
18Core-GAPM 40x8040x8050 - 70Base
19Core-GAPMplus 40x8040x8050 - 60AW
20Core-GAPM 40x14040x1401000 - 1200Base
21Core-GAPMplus 40x14040x1401000 - 1200AW
22Core-GAPM 50x20050x2001000 - 1500Base
23Core-GAPMplus 50x20050x2001000 - 1500AW
24Core-GAPM 60x14060x1401000 - 1500Base
25Core-GAPM 60x20060x2001000 - 1100Base
26Core-GAPMplus 60x20060x2001000 - 1100AW
27Core-GAPM 80x20080x2001000 - 1500Base
28Core-GAPMplus 80x20080x2001000 - 1500AW
29Core-GAPM 80x32580x2001000 - 1500Base
30Core-GAPMplus 80x32580x2001000 - 1500AW
31Core-GAPM Minus140M1401000 - 1500Base
32Core-GAPMplus Minus140M1401000 - 1500AW
33Core-GAPM Minus200M2001000 - 1500Base
34Core-GAPMplus Minus200M2001000 - 1500AW
35Core-GAPM Minus325M3251000 - 1500Base
36Core-GAPMplus Minus325M3251000 - 1500AW
37Core-GAPM Minus625M6251000 - 1500Base
38Core-GAPMplus Minus625M6251000 - 1500AW

Note : Other mesh size also available on request basis.

Available typical activity range:
  • CTC activity % : 50 - 110
  • Surface area M2/g : 1000 - 1600 m2/g
  • Pore volume: 0.45 - 1.1 cm3/g

Note : Other high activity product also available on request basis.


Non-washed / Washed

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