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Activated carbons are used in a wide range of air treatment applications. In these applications where air is the main carrier gas from which impurities need to be removed. In most cases, the impurities to be removed to below the detection limit, meaning that the most stringent air quality regulations to be met out. Activated carbon technology is reliable, simple and complies all the requirement.

Cigarette smoke is an ever changing and extremely complex mixture of over 5000 chemicals. When the cigarette burns, thousands of chemical substances are generated, and these are distributed between the gas phase and the particles which constitute the smoke aerosol.

Activated carbon when used in a filter can selectively remove a number of the vapour phase compounds to varying degrees of efficiency.

Carbons of different activities (50-60% CTC and 90-100% CTC) have been characterised using nitrogen adsorption and also the sorption of a number of different vapours with different properties, using a dynamic gravimetric adsorption technique. Activated carbon acts as an adsorbent with high surface area of 1000 m2/g, thereby, removing formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone and acrolein from cigarettes.

Core Carbon's Pvt. Ltd,. provides best in class of “Core-sorb” product series of Activated Carbon that can solve most of the Air and Gases Purification.

“Core-sorb” product series having more meso pores and micro pores with good acid value and good absorption performance.

Applications (Air and Gas Purification),

  • Trace impurity removal from a contaminated gas
  • Respiratory Masks (Gas masks and shelters)
  • Odour control
  • Car cabin and room air filters
  • Emission control (ELCD) in the automotive industry
  • Air conditioning units
  • Sewage gas & Bio methane
  • Removal from flue gases
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Cigarette carbon - Removal of toxicity from the smoke
  • Nuclear power plants etc….
List of Products
S.NoProduct NameMesh SizeCTC/IV RangeTreatment
1Core-Sorb 4x84x850 -100Base
2Core-Sorbplus 4x84x850 - 60AW
3Core-Sorb-H2SO4 6X126X1250 - 60H2SO4
4Core-Sorb-Cu 6X126X1250 - 60Cu
5Core-Sorb-TEDA 4x84x850 - 60TEDA
6Core-Sorb-KOH 4x84x850 - 60KOH
7Core-Sorb 8x148x1450 -100Base
8Core-Sorb 8x168x1650 -100Base
9Core-Sorbplus 8x168x1650 - 60AW
10Core-Sorb-TEDA 8x168x1650 - 60TEDA
11Core-Sorb-KI 8x168x1650 - 60KI
12Core-Sorb 8x308x3050 -100Base
13Core-Sorbplus 8x308x3050 - 60AW
14Core-Sorb 8x358x35100Base
15Core-Sorb 10x1610x1685 - 100Base
16Core-Sorb 10x1810x1890Base
17Core-Sorb 10x2010x2080 - 100Base
18Core-Sorb 12x2012x2080 - 100Base
19Core-Sorbplus 12x2012x2085AW
20Core-Sorb-TEDA 12x2012x2050 - 60TEDA
21Core-Sorb 12x3012x3050 - 100Base
22Core-Sorbplus 12x3012x3050 - 60AW
23Core-Sorb 14x3012x3080 - 100Base
24Core-Sorb 18x4018x4050 - 60Base
25Core-Sorbplus 18x4018x4050 - 60AW
26Core-Sorb-Ag 18x4018x4050 - 60Ag
27Core-Sorb 20x4020x4050 - 100Base
28Core-Sorbplus 20x4020x4050 - 65AW
29Core-Sorb-TEDA 20x4020x4050 - 60TEDA
30Core-Sorb-H3PO4 20x4020x4050 - 60H3PO4
31Core-Sorb 20x5020x5050 - 100Base
32Core-Sorbplus 20x5020x5050 - 60AW
33Core-Sorb 20x7020x7050 - 60Base
34Core-Sorbplus 20x7020x7050 - 60AW
35Core-Sorb 30x6030x6050 - 100Base
36Core-Sorbplus 30x6030x6050 - 60AW
37Core-Sorb-TEDA 30x6030x6050 - 60TEDA
38Core-Sorb-KOH 30x6030x6050 - 60KOH
39Core-Sorb-H3PO4 30x6030x6050 - 60H3PO4
40Core-Sorb 35x6035x6050 - 100Base
41Core-Sorbplus 35x6035x6050 - 100AW
42Core-Sorb 30x7030x7050 - 100Base
43Core-Sorbplus 30x7030x7050-60AW
44Core-Sorb 35x7035x7050 - 60Base
45Core-Sorbplus 35x7035x7050 - 60AW

Note : Other mesh size also available on request basis.

Available typical activity range:
  • CTC activity % : 50 - 110
  • Surface area M2/g : 1000 - 1600 m2/g
  • Pore volume: 0.45 - 1.1 cm3/g

Note : Other high activity product also available on request basis.


Non-washed / Washed / Addition of moisture - High moisture carbon / Impregnation (like KI / KOH / NaOH / Sulphur / TEDA / Copper / CuO / THAM / Cu, Cr, Ag / H2CO3 )etc..

Note: Other impregnation also available on request basis.

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