Impregnated Activated Carbon

Impregnated Activated Carbon

Core Carbons Private Limited manufactures a variety of coconut shell-based, impregnated activated carbon, in standard and custom sizes, for applications where non-impregnated carbon may not be effective.

Impregnated activated carbon is produced by chemically modifying the active surfaces of the porous particles. Impregnation will greatly enhance the adsorption capacity of target contaminants which are otherwise difficult to remove, such as polar compounds or inorganic molecules like hydrogen sulfide. Surface impregnation may involve a fine distribution of chemical or metal or metal oxide particles on the carbon surface.

In water treatment applications, silver impregnated carbon also provides anti-microbial effects and is a perfect choice for earth-bound compounds. In air treatment applications, it is often used for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal in biogas plants, pump stations or anaerobic or septic tanks at wastewater treatment plants. For industrial exhaust or flue gas applications, activated carbon can be impregnated to target acid gases, ammonia, amines, aldehydes, hydrogen fluoride, mercury, arsine or phosphine.

We have the best facilities for impregnation carbon of various metal/Chemicals loading such as Silver, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, TEDA, Copper, Sulphur. Our Impregnation plant capacity 100 Tons per month.

We have State of Art equipment for Impregnation and they are

  • Rotary Dryers
  • Rotary Reactors
  • Double Cone Blender (Reactors)
  • U Blender
  • Fluidized Bed Dryers
  • Tray Dryers
  • Pilot Roto cone Vacuum Dryer for product development

Our Quality Assurance Dept consisting of

  • Atomic Adsorption Spectrometer. (AAS 7000)
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Turbidity Meter
  • Ag and Ammonia Leaching
S.No Mesh Size CTC / IV Treatment Impregnation
14x850 - 100Base /AWTEDA , THAM, KOH , KI , H2SO4
26x1245-60Base /AWCu, CuO, CuSO4, KI, KOH , H2SO4
38x1650-100Base /AWTEDA , KOH , KI , NaOH , Sulphur
412x2050-100Base /AWTEDA, KOH , KI , NaOH, Cu, Cr, Ag
512x4050-60Base /AWAg
614x3050-100Base /AWTEDA , KOH , KI , NaOH, K2CO3, Cu, Cr, Ag , K2CO3
718x4050-60Base /AWAg
820x5050-100Base /AWAg
930x6050-100Base /AWTEDA , KOH , KI , NaOH, Ethylene Urea , Ag , H3PO4, Cu, CuO, CuSO4
1030x7050-100Base /AWTEDA , KOH , KI , NaOH , Ag
1140x8050-70Base /AWH3PO4

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