Mining & Gold Recovery

Mining & Gold Recovery

The best known application for activated carbons in the mining sector is for the extraction and recovery of gold (Au), although it is also used for some other precious metals.


Activated carbon has been used for gold recovery in the gold mining industry commercially for decades. The high specific surface area and porosity, good affinity to aurocyanide ions (that is gold ions) , and abundant resources make activated carbon an efficient and economical material for the adsorption of aurocyanide. However, the separation of activated carbon from the slurry is usually a challenge, and the adsorption rate of activated carbon is limited by the coarse particle size. Activated carbon adsorbs the gold particles and lets the rest of the slurry pass through.

Core Carbon's Pvt. Ltd,. provides best in class of “Core-Gold” product series of Activated Carbon that can used in gold mining industry.


There are various types of activated carbon within the field of gold for different applications with unique characteristics.

  • Adsorptive Capacity (known as K-value) This refers to how much the activated carbon can absorb.
  • Adsorption Rate (known as R-value) The rank of adsorption is influence by physical and chemical properties of the activated carbon
  • Mechanical Strength and Abrasion Resistance/Hardness Using the mechanical strength to reduce the losses from attrition which can cause carbon loss and cause the loss in recoverable gold
  • Particle Size Distribution It is another key factor in choosing activated carbon for gold recovery which linked to the adsorption rate.
  • Platelets It is important factory, which control lose of activated carbon while using in the commercial application.
List of Products
S.NoProduct NameMesh SizeCTC/IV RangeTreatment
1Core-Gold 6x126x1250 - 70Base
2Core-Gold 6x166x1650 - 70Base
3Core-Gold 8x148x1450 - 70Base
4Core-Gold 8x168x1650 - 70Base

Note : Other mesh size also available on request basis.

Available typical activity range:
  • CTC activity % : 50 - 70
  • Surface area M2/g : 1000 - 1200 m2/g
  • Pore volume: 0.45 - 0.65 cm3/g
  • R-Value: 45 - 55 %
  • K-Value: 18 - 30 kg/mt

Note : Other high activity product also available on request basis.

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