Refinery Industry

Refinery Industry

Petroleum refineries and petrochemical processing, which are notorious for their oily and bio recalcitrant wastewater, are not exempted from this age-old class of adsorbents. Possessing well-developed porous structures with a surface area ranging from 1000 to 1800 m2/ g. Petroleum products are hazardous both for humans and nature. Diesel oil is one of the main contaminants of land but also of sea, during its transportation. Currently, there are many different clean-up techniques for petroleum products. One of the most common is adsorption by Activated Carbon.

Specially developed activated carbon (GAC) is being used as catalyst carriers for hydrocarbon sweetening and this process involves the catalytic extraction of mercaptans from refinery products. Activated carbon also finds it’s application in field condensate purification where heavier hydrocarbons and other coloured bodies are removed.

Core Carbon's Pvt. Ltd,. provides best in class of “Core-GAR” product series of Activated Carbon, which is suitable for refinery industries.

“Core-GAR” product series of Coconut shell based Activated Carbon are used in various application, such as

  • Removal of mercaptans
  • improve Efficiency of Gas Scrubbers Remove the longer-chain hydrocarbon contaminants by circulating a split stream of the glycol flow through a GAC adsorber
  • Purifying Refinery Products A dual-bed GAC adsorber is a twophase pressure swing system that allows continuous hydrogen purification and provides 99% pure hydrogen
  • Catalyst Protection and Catalyst Support remove hydrogen sulfide and low-molecular-weight organic sulfur compounds from gas streams that do not contain oxygen
List of Products
S.NoProduct NameMesh SizeCTC/IV RangeTreatment
1Core-GAR 8x308x3050 -100Base
2Core-GARplus 8x308x3050 - 60AW
3Core-GAR 8x358x3550 - 100Base
4Core-GARplus 8x358x3550 - 100AW
5Core-GAR 10x2010x2050 - 100Base
6Core-GAR 12x3012x3050 - 100Base
7Core-GARplus 12x3012x3050 - 60AW
8Core-GAR 12x4012x4050 - 60Base
9Core-GARplus 12x4012x4050 - 60AW
10Core-GAR 14x4014x4050 - 60Base
11Core-GARplus 14x4014x4050 - 60AW
12Core-GAR 18x4018x4050 - 60Base
13Core-GARplus 18x4018x4050 - 60AW
14Core-GAR 20x4020x4050 - 100Base
15Core-GARplus 20x4020x4050 - 65AW
16Core-GAR-TEDA 20x4020x4050 - 60TEDA
17Core-GAR-H3PO4 20x4020x4050 - 60H3PO4
18Core-GAR 20x5020x5050 - 100Base
19Core-GARplus 20x5020x5050 - 60AW
20Core-GAR 20x7020x7050 - 60Base
21Core-GARplus 20x7020x7050 - 60AW
22Core-GAR 30x6030x6050 - 100Base
23Core-GARplus 30x6030x6050 - 60AW
24Core-GAR-TEDA 30x6030x6050 - 60TEDA
25Core-GAR-KOH 30x6030x6050 - 60KOH
26Core-GAR-H3PO4 30x6020x4050 - 60H3PO4
27Core-GAR 30x7030x7050 - 100Base
28Core-GARplus 30x7030x7050 - 60AW
29Core-GAR 35x7035x7050 - 60Base
30Core-GARplus 35x7035x7050 - 60AW
31Core-GAR 40x8040x8050 - 60Base
32Core-GARplus 40x8040x8050 - 60AW

Note : Other mesh size also available on request basis.

Available typical activity range:
  • CTC activity % : 50 - 110
  • Surface area M2/g : 1000 - 1600 m2/g
  • Pore volume: 0.45 - 1.1 cm3/g

Note : Other high activity product also available on request basis.


Non-washed / Washed / Acid and Alkali wash / Impregnation (like KI / KOH / NaOH / Sulphur / TEDA / Copper / CuO / THAM / Cu, Cr, Ag / H2CO3 etc..)

Note: Other impregnation also available on request basis.

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