Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)

Core Carbons Private Limited manufactures a variety of coconut shell-based Activated carbon, in standard and custom sizes (Mesh size from 4x8 to 18x50), for various applications.

Granulated activated carbon (GAC) is a porous adsorption media with extremely high internal surface area. During adsorption, liquids or gases pass through the porous structure of the activated carbon, diffusing the compounds to be removed to the surface of the adsorbent, and are retained because of attractive forces. Granulated activated carbon is made from coconut shells that are high in carbon content.

GAC is useful for the removal of taste- and odor-producing compounds, natural organic matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), synthetic organic compounds and disinfection by-product precursors. Organic compounds with high molecular weights are readily adsorbable.

GAC is a proven technology with high removal efficiencies (up to 99.9%) for many VOCs, including trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE). In most cases, GAC can remove target contaminants to concentrations below 1 µg/l. Another advantage is that regenerative carbon beds allow for easy recovery of the adsorption media.

S.No Mesh Size CTC / IV Treatment
14x850 - 100Base / AW
24x1050-60Base /AW
56x1245-60Base /AW
66x1650-60Base /AW
77x1675-100Base /AW
88x1450-100Base /AW
98x1650-100Base /AW
108x2075-100Base /AW
118x3050-100Base /AW
128x3550-100Base /AW
1310x1680-100Base /AW
1410x1850-100Base /AW
1510x2050-100Base /AW
1610x3050-100Base /AW
1712x2050-100Base /AW
1812x3050-100Base /AW
1912x4050-60Base /AW
2014x2080-100Base /AW
2114x3050-100Base /AW
2214x4050-60Base /AW
2318x3550-60Base /AW
2418x4050-60Base /AW
2518x5050-60Base /AW

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